Why Scottish women are different

Dating a Scottish woman is like nothing you have experienced before. These beautiful girls will take you on a rollercoaster ride filled with awesome parties, scruffy attitude and dark humor, all accompanied by their sexy, musical accent. You can have the time of your life with the ladies of the Highlands and if you can hold your liquor, you can even remember it. Put UK on your list of holiday trips, hook up with some escorts as soon as you get there and you will not regret it.

Date a hot Scottish girl

A trip to Scotland could be a disaster in terms of weather and locations. You can stay there for a month and get only rain, strong winds and a thick fog that kills all your sightseeing dreams. Nevertheless, you can make the best of your holiday by dating a hot escorts Scotland. The best of them are found just above England, in the Highlands. Scotland Escorts Directory women of the finest beauty await there to be entertained and to guide visitors to exciting activities that are equally fun, regardless of the weather.

Scottish ladies know their booze

When you date a woman from Scotland you must be ready for a night of heavy drinking. The beautiful girls of the Highlands have a biological resistance to alcohol and can easily put you under the table. Many men have made fools of themselves in front of their escorts from Escort Directory simply by trying to out-drink sexy Scottish girls. If you do not want to repeat their mistake, take it easy on both the lager pints and the vodka shots.

Take your companion to a Scottish party

It might surprise you, but the best parties in the world can be experienced in Scotland. The people of this country love great celebrations where everything goes over the top. One of the greatest parties in the Highlands is Hogmanay – the tradition of celebrating the last day of the year. This is when everybody is out in the streets drinking, dancing and having fun. If you want to properly savor this event, invite some local ladies you can find on the Escort Directory to join you. Scottish girls are used to these events and will make your night a special one.

Scottish girls cook the best hangover food

The good old days when hangovers only needed a good night’s rest are gone. If you have just been to a Scottish party you are bound to stay in bed for the next three days, unless you have a lovely escort Scotland to care for you. The girls of the Highlands are great cooks and they will prepare you the ideal dish for a hangover. With some porridge and a full Scottish breakfast you will be back on your feet in no time.

Scotland is a sea of red-haired women

We have talked about their sexiness, their love for partying and great food, but did we mention most of the Scottish girls are hot, red-haired women? Regardless of your preference for brown, blond or dark hair, you will be stunned when you see a group of ginger escorts walking down the street. It seems that Highland ladies are blessed with a unique combination of red hair, green eyes and quirky freckles. In other words: an effective recipe to break the heart of any man.

Scottish models let you know where you stand

Scottish girls are great companions. Because their guilty pleasure is dark humor, you are bound to have a good laugh whenever you date an escort Scotland. However, if you treat them rudely, they will immediately put you in your place. These beautiful, sexy women have no problem speaking their mind and they will never let you go scot-free if you fail at being a gentleman.